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NOTE: 2004 10 18 02H35 EST A Moment

A Moment

When you look disrespectfully
at the voluptuous beauty’s unhidden shapes,
the skimpy fashions she wears to please,
do you ever stop a moment
to notice what the eyes
are truly telling?

When you look disapprovingly
at the multi-colored hair, wildly styled,
the shiny piercings covering his lovely face,
do you ever stop a moment
to realize what the meaning is
under the surface?

When you look disgustedly
at the passed out truant on the sidewalk,
the empty bottle of yesterday’s wine lying there,
do you ever stop a moment
to wonder what brought this soul to
lose all connection?

When you look obliviously
at the world’s sickening full-spin madness,
the importance of fortune over life,
do you ever stop a moment
to weigh the surreality of
our dulled senses?

Do we ever stop a moment?

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Written on 2005-09-19 at 04:33

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chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
arr one i remember reading before, the clothes do not make the man/woman, it is who we are not what we wear.