To the Video Game challenge, Aaron.

Pac-man vs. Centipede

There they were,
The four ghosts chasin' him,
All over the place,
Until he finds the power pill,
And they're his for a little while,

Around the mushrooms it goes,
Dodgin' shots, dodgin' bombs,
But it shoots back,
It shoots back,

They're always running from something,
And fighting someone,
'Til there's no one left,
But another stage and more points,

If they were pitted against each other,
Who would win?,
You got a chomper, and a shooter,
Excellent speed, and a good reach for power,

Maybe it's an old game that I would buy,
I'll keep it away from the ghosts,
i'll keep it away from the bombs,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 525 times
Written on 2006-09-21 at 05:14

Tags Video 

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i remember those games and i loved them both

great little remembrance of all the time i wasted lol

keith nunes
you always raise some interesting questions and this time you've done it again. good stuff

Kathy Lockhart
great going! I love pac-man! never played centipede. Simple times and simple games a refuge for our brains. This was a delightful piece. Thank you Dancer! : ) kathy