Just an extension of Phyliss's poem. I hope you don't mind. I just wanted to support your piece.

Thanks in advance

I've have been around the world on this page,
Visited many places,
And made many new friends, hopefully,
True friends spend a lifetime,
Trying to understand each other,
And that's what we need to realize,
And it's truly what we all really want,
From the innocense of a girl from Norway,
To the boldness of a man from Canada,
From the sweetness of a woman from Austrailia,
To the understanding of sisters in America,

Blue-eyed people mingling with brown-eyed writers,
We all talk, and we all read,
The letters and between the lines,
But I ask, don't be too analytical,
We just want to be honest,
We do something that our leaders seem to forget in New York,
We give each other love, and that is all he asks of us,

In this case confusion is constructive,
Because we are forced to learn and understand,
Expand our boundaries to an unlimited status,
Because after all, we're on a webpage,
On all hours, all over the world,

So much confusion, and the truth is simple,
The smoke clouds just get in the way,
Choice, we all make them,
But what angers us are the ones that we have to make,
And the ones made for us,
I feel that we don't have leaders, but,
Visionarys with agendas,
And you can only guess who is in the middle,

Off that dramatic note,
I just wanted to make a point,
That what this comes in,
If we can do this in a peaceful, yet harmless way,
Imagine what we can give to everyone else,
And especially, each other,
Love has colors and we have no boundaries,
Lovely, isn't it?

Poetry by Saga
Read 467 times
Written on 2006-09-21 at 05:32

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Kathy Lockhart
good supporting piece. I appreciate your support of my sis. : ) kathy

It is beautiful indeed...the web is a fasinating place and i am so glad to be living in a time that i can learn about other people and develop such friendships that wouldn't have been possible years ago...its my link to the entire planet and i'm completely hooked!

great writing dear one