Once again, I apologize for the last comment Aaron. Something I thought I should give unto all of you.

An emotional massage

All of these feelings are in knots, huh?,
Let these mental fingers do their work,
All you have to do is breathe,

First we'll start with rubbing out the anxiety,
Pressure against its brother worry,
Until worry exist no more,
Exhale the feeling through your soul,

Next we'll touch on the nervousness,
Shivering feelings needs a firm, slow feel,
Gentle to soothe and firm to evaporate,
The more gentle the soul,
The more emotions can breathe,

The cleansing of fear is a tough one,
First, what makes you calm?,
Now think about that while heavy construction begins,
The crunching of mental barriers,
The crackling of riveting knots all around,
But you hear the deflation,
The deflation of the fear,
And hope returns like oxygen into lungs,
And with that comes a moderate amount of confidence,

These things never leave,
Besides, they're there for a purpose,
A test of wills, faith and strength,
Nothing, and I mean nothing,
Is never too much for you to handle,
Upper management makes sure of that,
Use pressure as a motivator,
Instead of a oppressor,
And you can control your emotional knots,
But if you can't use this soothing companion,
To loosen your soul,

the dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 425 times
Written on 2006-09-23 at 04:27

Tags Massage 

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night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
:) Thank you. ... :)

keith nunes
tremendous! "loosen your soul" what a fantastic line. great advice here dude

Zoya Zaidi
It is better to apologize and make amends then to feel sorry later. The tension keeps brewing to aquire gigantic propotions...
But, it requires a generous heart to say, 'I am sorry; come let us be friends again!' ...
You have shown that largeness of heart dear Saga,

You have such a gentle spirit about you, it is reflected once again in this piece....food for thought for us all


A write that we all could learn something from. Please tell me what the dancer moves without a trace means.