Based on Sting's "Fortress around your heart"

Climbing the wall

Our fingers are not pointing,
And the voices are tired of blaming,
There's a wall between us now,
I don't know if this will reach you,
But I'm hoping,

On this side of the wall, there's a person,
Who never meant to hurt you,
Just wanted to be everything to you,
I'm still dedicated to you,
Even now, as you build this wall,
On a fool bangs on rocks with broken hands,
But blindly I have, with a broken heart,
Typical, I don't know what went wrong,
I couldn't listen, I didn't know what you needed,
But I try to give you everything you wanted,
And maybe that was the problem,
Typical thinking, but the wall is still not breached,
Running out of options, I'll guess I'll climb,
I know it'll be difficult, through your building,
And your blows of angry, yet defensive fists,
But I have to try, wholeness is my objective,
You made and continue to inspire me to be,
A better man,

The only thing I feel crumbling now,
Is not my world but our world we have created,
All because of this wall,
Can't you hear me?, I need you,
Want faded a long time ago,
"More than life itself", that's what you mean,
On the other side of the wall,
With these broken hands, I climb,
Only to fall,
To the last resort, a bridge,
But it must be a "joint agreement",
That's where this letter comes in,

Anger is a cloud,
It just hides who and what we are to each other,
And like a cloud it soon fades or moves away,
And there it is, the sun,
A spotlight on us, it dries tears,
It keep us warm, and it helps remember,
That first touch, the devotion, and finally,
A love that we built, "We built",
"Making up" is a important and beautiful thing,
Can we?, this one time, that next time,
We're only human, but this souls loves you,
As I know your feels the same beyond this wall, I hope,
I hope,

If you're still listening, I'll be here,
Licking my wounds, and thinking of typical things,
Well is how I hope this reahces you,
The only mend I have is the one that is most important,
And it's more than enough,
Those three words that you know so well,
Only this time, it's the only thing I can give,
And hopefully, it's all that need to break this wall,
Between you and me,
I was just hoping,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 479 times
Written on 2006-09-24 at 04:55

Tags Wall 

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I love your writ, so personal and naked and with a natural flow thatruns all hrough the poem. Painful and loving. We all have gothe dark and light sides, that is what makes us human. Keep it coming!!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there

This is a very moving heart rending text
and the image of climbing a wall is well made.
your heart is on show her and this poem is worthy of that
in my favs if you dont mind rgds mike

such a heart tearing thing to want with all your heart to repair a relationship and have the other one build the wall higher..but all is not lost...your heart is open and tender and willing to be hurt to gain back what you that is willing to reach out in spite of being vulnerable is a beautiful thing

great writing


keith nunes
such longing and angst expressed in this write. i hope it works out!