Life is the greatest teacher: I have seen people living a very hard life, yet smiling all the time; I have also seen people with very comfortable lives, yet always lamenting about something or the other... it all depends on how you face it.

Lessons learnt from life

There is something I have learnt from life
That joy and sorrow are a part of life.
Life is struggle, life is strife,
But, triumph follows when time is ripe.

Happiness is not a thing to be sought,
Sorrow is within, it has to be fought.
Happiness, when comes, is to be caught,
In the net of the soul-to be brought
to fore, when you're with worries wrought.

That happiness comes from within
To count your blessings in thick and thin
keeps you sanity intact there in:
When in 'thick', don't let your pride win,
When in 'thin', find your strength within.
Face life's struggles squarely with a grin.

No one in this world is free of sorrow.
From Nature this lesson I borrow:
That every dark day has a tomorrow,
That longest night ends in the morrow.
Water gushes out of a drain too narrow,
Solutions are found, when too great a sorrow.
Sun shines, though rain drenches to marrow....

It is not that I don't have my travails,
But I don't let them on my sunny side prevail.

There is this philosophy I always maintain:
Whatever reaches the bottom has to come up again.
That sorrow haunts as much as you retain it within...
That joy stays as long as you contain it within...

I try and take things in my stride
Hang in there, let Time be my guide.
Come what may never lose my pride,
And never let hope from my hands slide...

There's a thing or two I have learnt from life,
That keeps me going in the hardest of times....

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India.
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1047 times
Written on 2006-09-24 at 17:37

Tags Life 

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Amanda K
one has to accept the 2 sides of life; happiness and sorrow. we don feel how precious is health b4 we feel sick, how blessed we are b4 we experiences some losses and adversities . well-said .


You know i always wonder about life??
Why do we have to learn the lesson so late, i mean can't we be life nerds and know it from a to z. I know it's funny but i wish knew life much better than i did like 2 or 3 years ago...i would have maybe been happier yeah? But then fate and destiny pop their noses and they want a part in our life too cause imagine how boring and dull our life can be without those two things...and imagine how we could love people and hate's a big issue, i have many thoughts of mine to tell though...:) i totally forgot this is a comment for you Zoya..i dont know it always feels like im talking to someone i know....i like how you talk about happiness an seizing it whenever we get the chance....THE POEM IS TRUELY GREAT.....i will study this lesson for sure:)

very nice poem i like the way u ryhmed the lines wonderful. it must have been brain crackin. i respect it. That is life for u

a yet another expressive poem, and what you say is a truth well said.
you r right - triumph only comes when the time is ripe.

Zoya Zaidi
I am your grand mom dear Lief, only problem is I am too young to be your grand mom or rather you are too old to be my grand son.
As for Rhyming, I guess that is what you mean by ' rime', no body is perfect. You just have to look at your spellings for proof. They are also rather 'Week'--- oops Weak.
And probably your Grand mom also told you to look into your own mirror before calling the cattle black...
Lol! I am enjoying this! Thanks for the entertainment!

Anshul Sharma
just awesome!!!!

Leif H T Strand
This is something anyone could hear one's grandparent's say in a week moment.
Words of wisdom, so to say.
The rimes are not perfect from time to time, but the messages sound loud and clear for the readers. Congratulations to a good poem, eventhough it needs some finishing.

Yes this all true
I loved this text the way you expressed it
In life it like kabi kushi kabi gham

You brought it home, Zoya, you really did!!!!

Yes, color me red with life. I wouldn't try to word it better.. :)

Amen and amen dear Zoya...the trials of life do come,but it is our attitude that will determine who we are and whether we will be a blessing or curse to others! We can be a fragrance in this world or and offensive odor...I prefer to be sweet smelling myself. Fight the good fight, and I you for this dear.

Beautiful attitude and spirit = )


Zoya the way you write
expressions of life you wrote here..
A blesssing you are to all who knows you
A gift for sure you shine onto others..
Ecouraging words to give who needs
to see life has matter what life brings you..
lovely write....
loves and hugs
2006-09-24 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
ah your unshakable good spirits and wonderful attitude towards the stuff that can make us lose sight of what's important at times... this an uplifting message delivered beautifully (no surprises though ;) ) - :) *hug* xx

I have learned well from your text, Good job!!! : )

~Aaron Rowe

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Zoya you again bring that wonderful
Alchemy only you can bring to the bay turning base words into a golden text

this is a powerful observation on life and very well done

rgds your friend Mike (((( hugs ))))
well and a kiss x *smiling* outrageously