A R.E.M. song mixed in to show visual and private secrets, probably the darkest piece I ever wrote. I'm still shocked it came out of me.

I'll try not to breathe

I'll try not breathe,
Maybe they will stop yelling at each other,
Maybe they'll stop throwing things,
Maybe they'll love each other again,
And maybe I'll feel that this is not my fault,
I'm sorry that I made mommy and daddy mad,
I'm sorry I made mommy cry,
I'm just sorry, so sorry,

I'll try not to breathe,
The decision is mine,
But it wasn't when he touched me,
He always does, when daddy's not looking,
"It's our little secret", he says,
Daddy says that he's my uncle,
Becuase he's his best friend, but he's creepy,
And if I tell daddy, he won't believe me , would he?,
Because he likes his friend more than he likes me,

I'll try not to worry you, but,
You're never here anymore,
I'm always alone,
Why can't we play ball like we used to,
Go to the playground like we use to,
But the biggest question of all is,
We'll we ever will again?,
Mommy and Daddy,

That creepy man is here again,
I'll try not to breathe,
I'll try not to worry you,
But help me mommy, help me,
Help me daddy, help me,
He's gettin' closer,
And I can't hold my breath anymore,

I want you to remember,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 590 times
Written on 2006-09-25 at 05:39

Tags Breathe 

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Kathy Lockhart
I see that child. Oh, how i want to hold him and give him the pure love and attention he so deserves. My heart breaks for the pain of this little one. Why do such things happen to the innocent, the pure, the precious gifts given from Heaven? I have only questions and an open heart full of love. God help us. Please! xx kathy


Wow! This is so wonderful!
Filled with passion! ..
So so beautiful :)
I loved it!..

keith nunes
a haunting and powerful poem. i hope it was cathartic for you. it sure has plenty of meaning in there

a strong emotional write Brian...the feelings and emotions written in these lines are powerful and raw. i commend you for the strength of heart to write it and share it here...many will be able to connect to these feelings and thereby find some strength and comfort to open up also. excellent pen.