For kitti. Dusty Springfield says "Stay Awhile"

Life is life

I say life, lala, lala, lala,
Life is life, lala, lala, lala,

If the greatest thing you'll ever learn is,
Just to love and to be loved in return,
Then the greatest gift ever received if life,
With life comes choices, that we must and love to take,
With that we can change whatever we see fit,
Freedom is the child of choice,
Within the borders,

We all learn from our mistakes,
But the endurance and living with the mistake,
Is the passage that even the greatest philosopher can't answer,
Be afraid of those who say have all the answers,
Because those are the ones who are diggin' graves,
Perfection and life don't mix,
Misery and life don't mix,
Because the true blend of life is experience,
Try to learn early, but take your time,
Try to feel it later, but take your time,

They say life is short, yeah,
If you have a stopwatch tattooed on your chest,
Life is lengthy, knowledgeable, and savoring,
Smooth and rocky roads, but pit-stops, always pit-stops,
To give you a rest, reflect, regroup, and approach once again,
Everything shines and everything glooms, once in a while,
It's how you react, yes, react to these that gives you knowledge,
Courage and inner-strength, which triggers none else but, love,
For yourself, most important, and then if you choose, to others,

If you start with a smile, you will end with a smile,
And you don't want to know how long it took me to learn that one,
Get in where you fit in,
Keep your eyes to the stars,
Don't be afraid to say "Hi" to someone new,
And always give others love, even if it's the smallest supply you can give,
The retribution for the smallest is usually the greatest,
I choose to listen,
I hope you choose to hear,
That we love ya, kid,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 517 times
Written on 2006-09-25 at 06:22

Tags Life 

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another encouraging and supportive piece from a sweet and gentle man...very nice Brian

dance on my dear


keith nunes
super cool! all the wisdom of the ages