To the "off" cahllenge

The constantly accused

I'm leaving you now,
I just can't hear it anymore,
The "where have you been?",
"Who have you seen?",
"You didn't phone when you said you would",
Tired of hearing you say,
"Where is your girlfriends?",
"Who called you today?",
I know your past,
You remind me everyday,
But I'm not them,
But yet you make me pay the price,
For every bad memory,
Bad moment that they gave you,

I'm leaving you now,
I just can't take your looks anymore,
Around strangers, around friends,
They just want to know,
Not take me away,
You mark your territory with your eyes,
And accuse just as fast with them,
Looking always looking for an excuse,
To explode with tests of faith,
Devotion to only you,
I almost forgot I was a person,
Because I became property,

So I'm leaving you now,
But really, I was already gone,
There is no love without trust,
And we already know how you feel about trust,
Maybe one day, those wounds will heal,
I just know they won't be with me at your side,
You already chose this path, alone,
Sorry you couldn't trust the truth,
Sorry you couldn't believe my love for you,
If you could just "let it go",
But it's too late,
I'm leaving you now,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 388 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 05:39

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keith nunes
plenty of emotion and meaning in this piece brian. well produced view of a disintegrating relationship

Zoya Zaidi
When things get sour,it is better to end the relationship, instead of carrying on in a dead relationship. It cages you in, and is painful for both the people involved in it. Sometimes, the same people, when they start living apart, become good friends for life...
The anguish ids wellexpressed Saga.

Jealousy based on past hurts and wrongs will surely destroy any relationship. It only drives the other person to leave. Excellent addition for the challenge