Even in the darkest of places a year ago, the light shines brighter than ever for the whole to see. And I will be back soon!!!!


I saw fear, terror,
In the faces of the lost,
In this self-made sanctuary,
Which to many became a prison,
All we could see was the outside,
Because we wouldn't dare to go inside and see,
So we depended on what we heard,
And who we heard it from,

Within darkness comes depair,
It was shatttered as the people inside,
Many left, scattered around the land,
Some will stay away,
But most want to go home,
But either can't or don't know how,

But tonight, Sept. 25, 2006,
A light shined through the blame,
A light glowed upon the ruins and the rebuilt,
Guide my hand, God,
And it shined in the hearts of the scattered,
As they watch from where ever they were,
Hope is strong and has risen,
In the lights of the "Super",
In the songs to its re-birth,
The message is plain,
"New Orleans lives, New Orleans will never die",

I know they feel it,
It will pull them home,
But until it does,
May the lights of the "Super" shine,
To guide the way home,
Re-born tonight,
On September 25, 2006,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 401 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 06:23

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Lovely dedication to a lovely city....may the light of her people shine brighter each day.