the 3 of you

all this confussion
makes no sence to me
im nothing special around here
infact i am invisable to most people
why do you insist on fighting over me
no one had me first
i am a person
not a peice of junk
i want to be treated good
and not taken advantage of
if you truely like me
than shut up and show it
who cares if others like me
all that matters is if you like me
then prove it to me
instead of fighting
your two best friends over me.

Poetry by lynn
Read 892 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 18:35

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Way to go Lynn:) You are not a piece of junk:) And dont let anyone take advantage of you.. You deserve nothing but the best my friend:)


keith nunes
you tell 'em! good write and good point