Smile, you'll live longer. To those who might need these words.

The upside down frown

"That we will all go down together"
Billy Joel "Goodnight Saigon"

It's been almost ten years,
At that time, I was unstoppable,
I was invincible,
I was,
Then it happened,
It started will small criticisms,
And visible signs,
And then, it grew worse,
Unstoppable became tired,
Invincible became afraid,
For the first time in my life,
I was really tired, I was really afraid,
But like all of us drunken with pride,
I wouldn't let it show,
But you knew, you all knew,
My greatest treasures,
Family and friends,
You stood by and you gave,
You always,

I was so scared, you called me brother,
I was so weak, you helped me and called me son,
I felt so helpless, you watched over me and called me friend,

From this, I saw God's gift,
My second chance,
And I've been thanking him and my family and my friends ever since,
From this, I grew stronger than ever,
No longer I needed strength of the physical,
Faith replaced that,
I didn't need to be tough,
Love replaced that,
I didn't need to stand stubborn and alone,
My family and friends showed me how,
And we all stand firm and strong, together,

And so it comes to this,
As with any gift, I give unto you,
An upside down frown,
With reason, you have me,
You have us, the hands that touch and help mend,
The ears that listen and never closes,
The lips that speak the truth and yet soothes the lost,
We are in this together, and we act on this very purpose,
Who are we?,
We are souls and we are in all of you,
Reach inside and you'll find us,
Search your heart and you will find the way to us,

God made us to make sure you are never alone,
And all of us are intertwined by his hands,
To respond, react, and even save the ones,
Who feel lost, who are in pain,
And who feel they can never smile again,
We are here,
Finding can be sought out on either ways,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 472 times
Written on 2006-09-27 at 05:42

Tags Souls 

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keith nunes
"God made us to make sure you are never alone" - never a truer word spoken brian! well said

Kathy Lockhart
truly inspired! what a pure delight to read. So much wisdom and encouragement shine like beacons in this inspirational piece. thank you. : ) kathy

Smiling and wiping a tear...your heart is pure Brian and so open to giving...a finer friend I could not ask for...hugs