some not easy feelings to live with

Do I love you?

Do I love you
My man?
Do I love?
I don't know
Some part of me
Is still with you
but there is so much
Of me so alone
Independent from you
and wanting more
or just something else
I don't know but
I could be much more lonely
Without you
I know this
and I could
Feel that I waste the time
On this world
and now I don't feel like that
So it's quite right
and because of you
I have my beautiful boys too
So, you are on my route
I'm walking my own way inside but
I'm still living in your flat so
There is not so bad yet
Perhaps we still have a chance
To find each other again
But I need the light just a light
Without it I feel
I'm dead
and I just can't pretend
That I'm all right
When I don't feel like that
When I want just a dream
The whole day and whole night

Poetry by anna3
Read 535 times
Written on 2005-09-22 at 18:21

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love has many forms of expression, its twists and turns transofrm us into crazy shapes :)
2007-03-03 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
love has many shades and many moods, i think... this phase of love is the hardest part i think... questioning it all and trying to find where our heart truly lies after all of this time shared with someone and where everything is at now... you expressed these deep feelings in a way that i felt myself connecting to them... im wanting to send my love your way... this is a difficult time to go through in love... hope you can find peace with it all soon *hug* xx

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
love is never easy - there are always twists that grab a hold of us. but yes, there are your children, they bring a different kind of love to your heart. dreams are good so long as we don't let them overwhelm us. :)