Distance is a physical reality, but it always has a problem applying itself to the mind and the heart.

Distance, a duet by Saga and Blue-eyed Soul

I see you and you see me,
But the reality is the distance,
That we see, that we feel,
But we cannot stop that what is real,
And that is feelings,
For each other, living and gone,
We still feel, because in reality,
We still remember,

Through shades of light, prisms-like reflections
Dissect into fractures of our beings
Revealing and illuminating,
Showing us that all that divides us,
Is time and space, a distance not tangible,
To the human heart,

But from one point to the other,
We try to walk straight onto the line,
Of who we are and what we mean,
To ourselves and to each other,
And the mind frees ourselves from the physical being of,
And the heart gives us feelings that stretch beyond,
Any barriers, physical and even mental,

The universe spreads out ,
Stars twinkle into eternity ,
but near or far,
the distance is met ,
soul to soul, face to face,
Yes, even palm to palm,
Across distant shores,
I see you and I know you see me,

In my mind, you are there,
In my heart, you live, happy and free,
The only distance that all the senses know is,
That when and where love resides,
There is no such thing as "distance",
It becomes merely a choice of excuses,
That actually no one seems to use anymore,
Because, after all,
Love's touch is the shortest line of all,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 508 times
Written on 2006-09-29 at 07:47

Tags Distance 

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keith nunes
there is no distance when there is love - so true you say. well done the pair of you!

Writing with you is like dancing for me...i step on your toes but you never even flinch...you just pick me up and float away....truly, you not only dance without as trace, but you write the same way....seamlessly

many thanks for the dance!

Kathy Lockhart
this is a beautiful duet. When two beautiful souls come together to create, the result can only be Beauty. : ) xx to you both. kathy