We are a bunch of hunter-gatherers. Nothing's changed much.


I look for words
Like she looks for bargains
Fishing for metaphors
Don't spend too much
Search the ads first
Check with my muse
but he's out to dinner
So she goes to her favorite stores
Stretching a dollar
Like I stretch my vocabulary
Mall too expensive
Thesaurus left on the bookshelf
Hunting with a pen or a checkbook

We return from the trip out
Bags in hand, or a piece of paper
Like a deer across the shoulder
Or a creel full of perch
Proudly we share what we've gathered
Sometimes saving the best for ourselves

Or shyly giving it away

You might dismiss these pursuits
As female, unimportant, ridiculous
But if she's found happiness in a Penney's sack
And I've found bliss in a poem.

Can you really complain?

2006 Anne Westlund

Poetry by Anne Westlund
Read 622 times
Written on 2006-10-01 at 02:24

Tags Metaphor 

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I love it.

Zoya Zaidi
No body is complaining!

I think one should write whatever comes to mind, and from the heart and soul, and then when the poem is done, and you sit down to polish it, if a word is repeated too often, or if you are stuck for a word... look up the Thesaurus, it is wonderful thing, but no, I would not recommend thesaurus as a substitute to reading, life's experience, feelings...because that is what we write about don't we...

Welcome to the bay!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
This is so cleaver and so very true! I've enjoyed it all three times through!