i Am @ poEt

i Am @ poEt
I RitE WHAt i wAnT
i C@n sPl hOw i Ple@se
AnD St0p WHerE u CaN''T

I Can UsE cOmMAs,,,, WhErE i wIshh
i CaN PUncTUAte WHerEeVEr I FEeL;::;!!?#()()((()_))
i cAn Make uP woRDS anD GivE ThEM MeAnings Beyond BeliEF?!:'))((

iLovE BeiNG a POEt AnD CounTinG 1 2 7, ForGet 1 2 3, Th@ts 2 eaSy 4 Me!!!

iTs aLl AboUT CReaTiViTy, @nd dOinG WhAt yOU PlE@sE
Itss ALl AbOut The feeL oF PoWer
And lEarning yoUr a..b..


Poetry by gemma
Read 791 times
Written on 2006-10-01 at 12:32

Tags Creating  Poetry 

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nice girly this is good :D

Hehe, this made me laugh lil' sis! :)
Very cute! ;)

Love you!!

// big sis,