So what is love?

So what is love, I'll tell you its true,
Its not about gifts,
or IQs

Its not about sofas,
or candles,
or food
its not about peace
or saying "I Do"

Its about letting the other know you care,
And showing them you'd do anything for them.

Its about hope, and kindness and recognition.
Its about feeling as if you are flying hand in hand,
And never wanting to let go.

But mostly I think, now this is true,
That love is about experience,
feeling down and blue,
for no-one goes through life with out having their heart broken,
no-one goes through life without regretting words they have spoken

But Its amazing how someone can break you heart, but you can still love them,
with all the tiny little peices.

Poetry by gemma
Read 886 times
Written on 2006-10-01 at 13:34

Tags Heartbreak  Love 

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You have a gift! Keep on writing!

Zoya Zaidi
So true, so well written and a lovely poem to open your acccount with here on the bay.

Welcome to the bay.

(((hugs for the beautiful poem)))


this poem is not only true but a very good write, well done and welcome to the bay!

Wonderful Gem!!
You truly are a poet, lil' sis! ;)

Love always,
big sis,
Sabrina ^^