i recently entered a long distance relationship...alot if stress is involved as you probably can imagine and im trying to convince her to hold strong


neptune showed his wrath
placing his pitchfork in our path
blocking our bodies but not our love
at a time when we thought we would never be apart
choices made,we separate,but our love remains great
with distance comes hardships,but our hearts are at stake
so i remain solid in my resolve
my heart is solid in our love

time changes everything but true love
and you need more than a reminder
but i give as much as i can give
to make this burden seem lighter
i know its unfair
the way life dealt our cards to us this way
but i believe this is a test that we much face each day
until that one point when we truly are reunited
we shall face unmatched happiness and satisfaction

your unhappiness is understood
as i long for you too
my mind is wrecked with the thought that this is what im putting you through
but my heart has me pleading..begging me to ask you
to hold on, hold strong and we will beat neptune
we wil beat the sea,the distance and the time
because love has all powers of the earth combined
so while im in the cold and you are in sunshine
i can feel your warmth over thousands of miles

never before have i felt quite this way
never before has it been so true
when we reunite i would definately show you
that i can dedicate my life to you
plain,simply and seriously i am speaking
there will be no one but you
that is why i speak with no lie
when i want to spend my life with you

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 624 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 00:08

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