sweetest poison

the sweetest poison around
in you're presence ive found
things that threaten my life
things that i never think twice
of drinking wholeheartedly
as my heart struggles to beat
see the love that i needed to live
is just ending up killing me.
this intoxication,
something like asphyxiation,
see, it feels good while the seconds are counting,
up until your body starts convulsing.
this light, im blacking out,
is this what they're always talk about?
at the end of the tunnel,
nothingness is found.
i vomit my impurities
so much impure in me
i guess in this love's battle,
i accept defeat.
yeah this war is lost
and ive paid the cost
gangrene is settling in
rigor mortis settles in at last
consequences of a past
of maybe giving too fast
fly your flag at half mast
that was my last stand.

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 931 times
Written on 2010-08-28 at 04:49

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