Non-entity. This is something i wrote a while back, just found it, thought i should publish it. thank you for reading

Non Entity-

Slice by slice falls away from me
artificial issue masks jealousy
you can see on the ground the pieces stolen off me
in the name of your security

piece by piece i am dismantled
till once again i am reassembled
the pain i feel now resembles
something from a past relationship that crumbled

what do i do when i feel like this
when i am no longer "me" in a relationship
do i beg and ask for more
while picking up my pieces from the floor?

secretly i wonder if you notice
that im different from the person you got with
if you think what you did was worth it
and if i really deserve it

but ill sit here motionless and silent
wishing that you would see
that just as much as i want to be with you
i just want to be me

is being me so bad?
am i such a terrible being?
well if i am, i thank you then
for creating a non-entity.

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 769 times
Written on 2009-12-03 at 20:14

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I like it alot and it is very moving and can only come from a wounded heart. Thanks for posting this beautiful piece of you. :) Of course bookmarked.