Based on a phrase By KRS-One "Jah Rulez". "Man-made laws made man lost".


In my business,
You see all walks of life,
All we need not have to describe,
Because we all know ourselves,
And you don't need me to describe you,
But this is for the arrogant,
This is for the uncontent,
And finally, for the confrontational,

A long time ago,
Businesses did what they wanted to,
And in a way, they still do,
But then came people,
Who made a stand,
And said, stated, risked and gave,
So that the "right thing" can be realized,
By not only anyone,
But the businesses as well,
And this is a practice that is ever-working,
Ever-changing to fit the phrase,
"The right thing",

But unfortunately,
People rarely see the difference,
Between moderation and abuse,
On somewhat, everything,
Even when the warning sign light,
Flashed right out of its bulb,

Thus leading me,
To reveal what is covered around the bush,
If you do not practice,
Do not enforce, do not preach,
We have a bad habit on believing everything we read,
We see,
What ever happened to thinking?,
Your unalienable right in this world,
Like your dignity, they cannot take that away either,

I stated this in a previous text,
And during my hiatus,
I feel that I should state it again,
Research isn't all about well-being,
Yours and mine,
It's about money,
They need a reason and proof why,
They do what they do,
They say what they say,
To the other people who are footing the bill,

And the scariest thing is,
Some will believe them,
Faster than they will believe divine intervention,
Now, not saying "They may be right, I might be crazy",
But the people who practice their teachings,
Do not do the same when they are away,
From their self-made trenches,
For example, my profession,

Don't scratch your butt, when you make your sandwich at home,
And expect someone to wear,
Latex Gloves, Hats, and even a Bullet - proof vest,
When they make you a sandwich,
Researchers need money and publicity,
Oprah needs more money and publicity,
And unlike many, Oprah (sorry to use you as an example, you are a great person, Oprah), if she see fit, can afford to act like "Howard Hughes if she feels fit,
Now let them (the arrogant, uncontent and confrontational) ask themselves,
Can they do that?,

You can see,
You can read,
Why can't you think, first?,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-10-02 at 06:00

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