To the Grrr... Challenge. Based on the phrase, "Don't pee on my leg and call it rain" , Judge Judy!!!

Training and lack of

To add on my business chronicles,
Here's this,
Anger is not a word to best describe,
But frustration, in a sick cocktail,
Of panic and chaos,

I was reading in a pamphlet today,
Which really rings true,
Never leave a new employee to fend for themselves,
On their first week on the job,
Training is both a learning and decisive experience,
Learning because you learn the do's and don'ts,
The how and why's, so on and so forth,
Decisive becuase, it is truly the last chance,
You either got it or don't,
But in order to see the output of training,
You must create an even ground,
Of time, patience and most important, supervision,
You have to be there,
Babies just don't stand up and walk and get jobs,
They have to learn, experience and endure,

The corporations have become fast-food assembly lines,
When it comes to the employee,
Instead of a fair ground,
They give you a roller-coaster,
To save money and go to Bermuda for a month to hide,
They give you time-restraints as well as ignorant PC,
Politically Correctedness,
But PC will and never will be any match for Common Sense,
They do this to shun away from something that money can't hide,
Or buy away,
Guilt, Shame and finally, Blame,
That's why the skyscrapers are so high,
It's not for prestige, Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt have one,

They set you up to fail,
And cover it up with a paycheck,
A ticket to the roller-coaster and a smile,
It's up to you to survive,
And teach the lost how to also,
That's what makes them angry,
But unlike all other things, they can't hurt you for that,
Because the truth will stand in the corporation,
As well as the courtroom,

It's like buying a child a bike,
Teaching them how to ride it,
Watching them how to fall,
But instead of consoling and showing the child,
(Got to be careful with that),
What went wrong,
You blame the bike,
Because, you don't have time,
Because they just learned how to walk, yesterday,
And they absolutely, positively have to get a job, tonight,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 372 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 06:24

Tags Training 

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Kathy Lockhart
You are a speaker of truth. I enjoy reading your work because I know I will think, I will learn, I will enjoy, I will be inspired. Your steps may be transparent to the eye but the heart, soul, and mind know that you have passed their way. : ) kathy

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Saga a very profound text that i found enlightening
I was an operations manager in the British steel industry for thirty five years and took part insome horrific downsizing exersizes as you Americans call them
at the end nothing was achieved other than the destruction of ppls lives
and the bastardisation of ppl management. The drive for profit had one goal 'more out of less' and it often destroyed basic principle of leadership that you achieve by example

you poem covers that so excellently well done rgds Mike
that less often
subjurgated the