My turn!!!

I think I got this,

I saw you come in, but don't think that I'm gonna speak,
I know you see me, but obviously there's no point,
Admiration was never a problem,
We just can't get through the crowd, the drinks, the words,

It's not a crime to say "hello",
But it's a crime to stick around,
If admiration isn't sent back in return,
Why do we sit and wait for another turn,

Persistence is strong, and so is stupidity,
In a crowd like this you're picky?, or maybe you found someone that would put up with you, for now,
Just keep trying to step into conversation, I know you'll live for response,

Why do we do this to ourselves?, mind is speaking, not mouth,
The same way they put up with us, mouth is speaking, so is mind,
It never stops, we'll get along,
Leave a number 'cause we're not going home,

As the clocks turns, so do people,
As she turns, so the turn is mine,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 343 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 06:58

Tags Kjc 

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Kathy Lockhart
"Persistence is strong, and so is stupidity,"
those words have power! I would like to see you elaborate on this quote of yours.
I know that you will offer a thought provoking message. : ) kathy

keith nunes
great little to and fro' man