To Zainab. I hope I got your name right.

A vision I had

I'm no hippie,
But I feel like one,
I'm definetely no angel,
But I know and admire a few if not, many,

I saw day, in all its beauty today,
It's a gift, daily given and seldom appreciated,
I saw the ants marching,
The cars moving, stopping,
And sometimes crashing into each other,
Common questions rise,
"Where are they going?",
"What will they do?",
There are no "Shiny Happy People holding hands",
Just "Brother (and Sisters) at Arms",
But it is the day that smiles,
That is happy, and that's all that matters,

To the "Proudest Monkey", we work for,
We do what we can,
Eat when we can,
And chat when we can,
Maybe's, so many maybe's,
'Cause nobody will say no,
And everyone wants to say yes,
Listening for the siren,
So we can say "Yabba Dabba Do!!!",

"Shake it up", we're off,
We see the sunset, and we're happy?,
Oh no, we're among each other in traffic,
We're really happy, violently happy,
The "Everybody Hurts" video plays so well in our heads now,
But "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is playing to cool us down on the radio,

We're home and night is not gloom,
Because I see sunshine in your eyes,
And in thiers, so who cares,
Let's have fun, let's have a date,
"Let's get it on",
"Family Affair", or "Morning After",
You decide, after all,
It's your vision,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 404 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 07:26

Tags Vision 

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Kathy Lockhart
Your visions are musical! It is always a pleasure to open your page and read your creations. : ) kathy

keith nunes
i feel like I've had a sneaky look at your personal thoughts. cool one