what are we doing?
why is this feeling so right?
my love for you is erupting
this feeling i will not fight
our bodies getting warmer
my head getting light
passion has us converging
this is our dance tonight

your body so close
gripping your thighs
instinctive motion
looking into your eyes
the merging of our bodies
our souls dance with glee
our hearts pounding
to love's natural beat

toes curling at the feet
this is our last dance
clenching of the teeth
in this beautiful climax
light shines brighter now
you call my name
our dance is over
but our love remains

lying now
with you beside me
i whisper that i love you
while you drift away lightly
i stop for a moment
admire your beauty
then i lay my head beside yours
and hold you tightly

this is our dance
this is our love
my body as a gift to you
sacred as its on loan from above
but this feeling,this emotion is so pure
clear to me nothing could obscure
block or interfere,this is my promise
to love you where time is love's solace

Poetry by Steven Mawer
Read 837 times
Written on 2006-10-02 at 19:07

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tony legba
The poem has a real erotic pulse to it.
Dance is about rhythm, however, and the rhyme rather end-stops your lines and breaks the dance-flow, especially with heavy "ight" rhymes.
Stanza 4 has subtle, lighter rhymes and these are effective: they catch the gentler drift of love.
Perhaps, more weight should be given to some images: "our souls dance with glee".
Soul is a powerful word; glee is too light-hearted?
Your concluding line has a fine melodic quality to it and a well-expressed final thought which I have to say I admire!