I couldn't sleep after the news I heard yesterday!!!


Once again,
An individual couldn't take it anymore,
Once again,
An individual became a wolf in cheap clothing,
Once again,
An individual couldn't go down alone,
Once again,
An individual needed to create a tremendous ripple,

Where was shame?,
Because vengeance and desire were there,
They wrote letters,
Letters to explain their actions,
Becuase they chose not to face you,
Yes, they chose their fates,
And the fates of others,
Because they forgot "faith",
They forgot "hope",
And most of all,
They forgot "us",

I apologize for the anger,
But the doors broke open,
I let it go once,
There will not be a repeat performance,

It's a cop-out, plain and simple,
I've been there, for dare,
I've been there, out of despair,
Why am I here?,
Not because I dropped the knife,
But because, I found common sense,
I realized responsibility to this soul,
To my god, to my faith,
And finally to the human race,
I say, human race,
Because we are all examples,
Set on an even scale,
Not an arrogant high horse,

You gotta think,
That's why God gave us the brain,
When you feel that darkness,
Look around you,
You are not and never will be alone!!!,
But you must choose to reach out,
We can't see through the smoke-screens created,
Think and choose,
And if you can't, reach,
For faith, a person, God,
So simple, yet so hard to do,

I say this because they never hurt anybody,
The cup is now officially over-full,
For a people who believe in their faith, so strongly,
That they have cast themselves away from the influences,
Of the modern,
My humble and most sincere apologies,
For letting our crap come to your private,
And innocent door step,

He got off too easy,
The letter of apology and reasons are arrogant and pathetic,
To the lives it took, to the lives it has effected,
And where this individual is,
Death and vengeance are the least of the worries,
After all, he couldn't escape them on earth,
What makes you think this individual has escaped them now?,
And now a eternal victim of it,

Oh no, I'm not done,
Along with this,
Here goes the finger-pointing at the House,
Who know's what?, who knew what?,
Here's the answer,
Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Read no evil on-line,
Exposure is the only rude and most costly outcome,
To the "Cover-up",
Yeah, they did know,
Yeah, they saw the signs,
And yeah, they kept it to themselves,
Why?, it's a family affair,
You would the same to avoid the embarrassment,
Put them away before the fire starts,
And at the House, that's exactly what both parties do,
Oh yeah, you can use the fodder,
You can "Do the right thing",
But here's the truth,

If you use the garbage,
You better not only wear clean clothes,
You better have a direction and a place,
To put, use and recycle the garbage,
If you don't,
You're just, in my native tongue,
"Talkin' aloud and sayin' nothin',

Oh my God, oh my god,
This is when the world separates from the fool,
And ask "why"?,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
Read 369 times
Written on 2006-10-03 at 13:19

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keith nunes
you've vented with force and I don't blame you - it needed to be said. too often innocents are taken down by a selfish individual. well said Brian

Kathy Lockhart
your feelings are powerfully expressed. It is a rough world we live in. It seems to scarpe, scratch, and gouge us at times. I am often left with those words you have in initials after reading or hearing the news. Why take others with you when you choose to take your own life? I'll never understand it...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there Saga this is a very powerful text and so very enlightening full of real humanities truth a your poetry skill shines here rgds mike