Anna Mazurek

Come with me to bella Roma

Come with me to bella Roma
where smiles be traded for a smile
Hear words of caring from a stranger
who's unconcerned about the fact
that you don't even know his language
cause all he wanted you to know
is to be red upon his smile

Come with me to bella Roma
where time has lost all sense of time
Enjoy a walk along the river
flowing so lazy without hurry
it sometimes takes a while to see
where it came from and where it's going

Come with me to bella Roma
where getting lost is purely pleasure
We'll need no maps and no directions,
we'll need no guides to find her treasures

cause Roma is an ancient lady
and yet she stays forever young
She likes to be taken spontaneously
so let her take us by surprise

Come, come with me to bella Roma
the city where the streets can sing
We'll choose a fountain
one of hundreds
and let it wash away all sins

So come, come with me to bella Roma
and leave our sorrows back at home

We'll find the best
of bella Roma
and Roma'll find
the best in us

Poetry by AnnaMazurek
Read 832 times
Written on 2005-09-24 at 20:51

Tags Warmth 

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Sofiul Azam
I think this is the most impressive poem I have ever read among your poems posted at this site. The invitation is so romantic that sometimes the burden of so much romanticism feels so heavy on a heart fed on corruption, vanity, voilence and the like. This poem is par excellence.

Commentally Ill
well you guys take rome and paris, and give me jamaica (i hear it's legal to smoke pot there!)