Anna Mazurek

No, I don't love you

No, I don't love you.
I only think of you
most of my conscious time,
fantasise throughout the day,
dream of you my every night,

but no, I don't love you,
oh what a silly thought!
The fact that my mind
been stuck on you for years
does not have to mean
that I am in love!

So no, I don't love you...
It's just that I can't think
of anybody else...
now, who am I trying to fool?
I mean of course- except myself.

Poetry by AnnaMazurek
Read 490 times
Written on 2005-09-25 at 13:01

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Commentally Ill
oh don't you lie. you do too. what's not to love?? (i pretend every poem i read is about me, except for the angry ones, those are all for my boss at work ;)