My 100th issue!!!. A mixture based on a Cranberries song!!!

Everything I said

"I'm so tired",
"I'm done",
I was loyal, so loyal to you,
Why couldn't you do the same?,
I don't feel anger, that left long ago,
I feel disappointment, but I'll get over it,
And I realize now,
You made yourself lonely,
You just made me watch,

Hanging on that extra hour,
For pay, to get you through the day,
We work in darkness to see no light,
But yet, for pay,
We reluctantly, stay,
But you can't hold in the anger,
The dissatisfication of special attentions,
Of the lacking while the harden tired,
Tread on and on and on,
I will make you lonely,
'Cause I will get over you,

Your voice, your voice,
It makes me crumble,
Fall to pieces with every word,
And yet, I will do what you ask,
After all these years,
I still cling to everything you say,
'Cause I know you mean it,
Deep inside my heart, I know,
I was never lonely,
I always knew where the pieces of my heart was,

Everyday we know,
Everyday we toil,
I couldn't get through,
I would've called too late,
But we will be there on 12th and Crescent,
Like always,
A Long Island Ice Tea by Gordo,
Surrounded by eye candy,
They don't make me lonely,
I do,

I wonder what she does,
I wonder what they do,
I wonder what she wants,
And I wonder what clothes to where,
Everything I said,
I meant it, but i don't care to know why,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 391 times
Written on 2006-10-04 at 23:16

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Kathy Lockhart
trying to find away to make it through after a break up is a difficult task. These words, the self-talk, the conversation are all very, very real. Thanks for sharing xx kathy

Congratulations on this 100th entry. **APPLAUSE** : D

Bob The PoetBay support member heart!
I like the way you write, the way you command you images and the way your words flosw, but this poem is to private for my taste, too diarish, but that is just me, dont take it too serious, i am sure many people find solace in this.