I'd die to see you smile

I'd die to see you smile.
I hope you will always remember that

I'd kill my best friend
just so you would look at me

I'd destroy anyone
who tried to hurt you

I'd jump into the pits of hell
If I knew it'd make you love me

I'd see you marry another girl
to see you happy

If you would say you loved me
Or Kissed me
or so much as touched my hand
I would jump into the sea from the highest cliff
If that is what I promised to do

I would die to see you smile

Poetry by gemma
Read 955 times
Written on 2006-10-05 at 17:05

Tags Love  Death  Sadness 

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its er, just a poem (:

No, Gemma, a guy isn't worth you dying for! No life can be worth more than another.... but I like the poem, it's very good! :)

Love always lil' sis,
Many hugs from big sis' ;)



Michael G
very nice.. it captures what its like to get someone you like to notice you

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
lolol a lovely poem Gemma
please dont do any of this I am sure he loves you after this enchanting message to him well done the guy is gonna be smitten rgds mike

powerful weapon love is i believe
in this write shows alot what love expresses,the depth of love..wow!!
this write !!loved it much:)
hugs to you and family

a georgeous poem Gemz! i loved it! Would you jump off a cliff to make me happy?