To the fourth commandment. In a time where families are different, broken or non-existent. God sees and creates hope for those who don't understand the circumstances of their actions and to those who are usually caught in the crossfire. As Don Henley sai

Mother and Father

Tonight, I got a phone call,
From my mother at work,
She warned me first, that everything was ok,
But your grandmother was sent to the hospital,
And she is on her way home,

Now bear in mind,
I just buried my aunt,
No less than 2 months ago,
And the wounds are still fresh,
And this "dizziness attack", struck a nerve,
Of fear, which triggered anger,
Which almost led to hate,

You never know when,
He takes you away,
Stay healthy, but stay out of divine control,
You'll always lose, even when you try to cheat it,

This is just a part of the importance of this commandment,
The others are honor, respect and forgive,
God thought of you,
They thought of you,
And these parties brought you forth,
And that means more than something,

They cradle you in their arms that are older,
They taught you to walk with that withering yet memorable body,
They put up and stood by you when no one else would,
And they will, in Michael Corleone's words,
"Will burn in hell, to keep you safe",
That is why the most painful thing for parent is,
Their child in pain, their child is in need,
Or worst, burying their child,
You can love them, you can hate them at times,
But you will never forget,
Those memories will never let you,

Guidance and focus,
Two traits that mother and father spent their lives,
Teaching their children,
They put up with the fall,
And cheer for the rewards,
Because if they could, they will do it for you,
I realize it now, they would do it in a blink of an eye,
So you wouldn't feel a ounce of pain,
Even if it destroys learning,
Because no matter how old you get,
You are still their child, no matter what,

Forgiveness, why?,
Because anger, grudges get expensive to keep up,
Because time withers anxiety away,
Because you never know when the time is up,
I learned this almost three years ago,
I couldn't do it anymore,
A essential part of faith and hope is none other than forgiveness,
Everyone does wrong, for selfish and righteous reasons,
But it never effects love, in which forgiveness is spawned from,
As well as understanding, which grows with time,
Ask yourself, how long can you frown upon the past?,
When can you let go?, before or after the tombstone?,
If you cannot answer these now, fine,
But know this, like I learned,
If you don't forgive, you are doomed,
Doomed to repeat their mistakes,
And be in the same boat,
That is why forgiveness is so important,

To finish this,
My mother's birthday is coming up,
So I'll add this,

Where can I begin,
Speechless, that's what I would be without,
Ignorant, that's what I would be without,
Everything I learned, everything I speak unto you,
Has been taught to me by my mother,
To this day, she has and always will my greatest fan,
And I will spend the rest of my life proving to her,
That all of her sacrifices and teachings were not in vain,
That is why I write unto all of you,
She not only taught me how to speak through the heart, mind and body,
She taught me how to be a man,
To the one who believes in me,
I owe you everything,
Happy Early Birthday Mommy!!!,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 412 times
Written on 2006-10-06 at 07:42

Tags Honor 

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Kathy Lockhart
this is a wise and loving piece you have added to the 10 Commandment challenge. I was fortunate to have wonderful parents. It was so easy and still is easy to honor them. It is like breathing. They are both in the Heavenly Realm now but are still with me. Thanks for this. xx kathy

keith nunes
a great tribute! well put together and well said.

thats really the most pious of the thoughts u wrote.
....and so God created MOMMY,
angels inside of us.....
great work.