"Thou shall not commit adultery", yet people do it everyday. The most common broken commandment of all.


Has it become acceptable?,
You cheat on me and it's okay?,
Because I'm doing it to you?,
Has it become admirable?,
To be promiscous and pass it on?,

Has is been set into the program under,
"Everybody's doing it, why can't we"?,
Who knows but what we see,
We sit here and scratch our heads,
Wondering why it didn't work,
And wonder why our parents and others,
Have been together, since well, forever,
Maybe they weren't looking for the next best thing,
Looking at others like we look at new cars,
And that's what put fidelity (of all things) to the test,
Failure to see the beauty of what you have right in front of you,

Adultery, is so common to commit, because,
It is so accpeted by society and in some cases,
The church itself,
And this ideal will continued to be passed on to generation,
To generation only to be taken to another extreme,
If we don't remember why it is so wrong,

I'm no angel, I'll start with that first,
But the sin of adultery consists of three things,
Greed, Possession and yes, Acceptance,

This phrase is taken from "the lord of the rings",
"And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of men,
Who above all things, desired power",
And that's what it's all about, power,
With the complete disregard or blindness,
To who it may hurt, deceive,
Or even put into medical jeopardy,
Yes, I went there because the truth hurts all, does it?,
Greed is blind want confused as a need,
And to satisfy that, you have to operate low,
Real low,
And that is why adultery is always done in secret,

Adultery, like theft, is ownership, or in this case, possession,
Of something that does not belong to you,
You see the band as goes off the finger and on the table,
The pictures facing down, so no shame will be felt,
Yeah right, the right thing is not being done here,
It never cease to amaze me how people have it all,
And risk it for a seedy hotel room,
You can afford the physical currency,
But unfortunately the check requires body and emotional cash,
And like a fool, we try to exchange the physical to the emotional,
With absolutely no success,
If it's not okay to steal items from others,
What makes you think it's okay to steal lovers from others?,
I guess it all about "double standards" or,

Acceptance, the guard is not just down,
It's almost completly gone,
Or has it always been like this and like all recent problems,
It's just now getting exposed?,
Abuse was a quiet subject, and yes, so was adultery,
I mean how do you think oldest profession is still,
The Oldest Profession?,
You can pay for it or get it for free,
Two accepting parties, being discreet,
To other parties who are invovled,
But must be "kept in the dark" for we beleive is,
Their own protection and protect what means more to us,
Than them, honestly,
How do we accept an act that hurts others?,
We fight like dogs to keep murderers off the street, why?,
Because it is not acceptable to kill,
And it's not accpetable to cheat on your loved ones,
And if you still can't figure that out,
There are a lot of rich lawyers that will be more than happy,
To explain it to you,

If you don't love them, be honest,
Don't hide it,
You learned it as a child,
Lying just prolongs as well as builds the crap,
And in the end, always causes pain,
For everyone,
I just hope you figure that out before,
You meet them in a bar,
And you forget who you really are, for a moment,
Of fantasy,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 448 times
Written on 2006-10-07 at 08:45

Tags Adultery 

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Kathy Lockhart
Lots of truth in this Brian. There is power in truth.

keith nunes
you make a fine point here brian. i have been guilty of this and still it haunts me. it's a terible thing to do - no doubt about it!