If you wouldn't be here,
what should I do then?

Should I cry one ocean for your sake?

Should I live my life in pain?

Should I live in the darkness?

Don't you remember?

You were my light in the dark.

You didn't want me to cry, only to laugh.

and you hated pain as much as I.

But still I'm here,
All by myself.

who would believe?

That without you I'm not me.
I'm just a little girl,
scared of what she's going to be.

To be without you is my fear.
Please remember our love.
Just the way I do.
I love you!

Words by Miss unknown
Read 822 times
Written on 2005-09-27 at 09:03

Tags Fear 

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ohhh....gorgeous *applauds* its so wistful. mooning over that one person. eee it's so good :)