When I think about our days,
why can't I stop smiling?

Imagine that it will happen again.

When will I see the truth?

You left me for good.
You don't want me anymore.

But my dream is so real.

And my heart so broken.

Don't take my dream,
I want that little thing I have left from us.

And I will keep on believing,
for one day,
It's going to be a second chance.

Dream with me,
one last time.
Take me in your arms once again.

Kiss me once or twice.
And belive.
Dream once and believe twice.

Words by Miss unknown
Read 837 times
Written on 2005-09-27 at 17:24

Tags Love 

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this one i don't think is one of your best. as it didn't flow right and it was bitty. ermm...i suggest prehaps rewriting this one or summin. i'm not sure how you could save this one. :(

Hmmm not so sure on what to say about this one. It was good. Though I can see you're trying to hold on to something that might not be meant to be. I understand that too and its hard. But anyways this wasn't too bad.