To the broken, down-trodded and the ones on the track of giving up, don't!!!

Hold on

Your sky is black,
Your times are dark,
But in your anger you know,
That this is a test,
This is only a test,
You are just impatient for the light,
To shine over all of this darkness,
Your anger shines through apologetic eyes,
Pushing away embracing arms,
You even share it among other people's hearts,
But it is you and only you,
That endures the most pain,

Through these times as you clinch tightly to your towel,
I give and remind you of this,
There is nothing and I mean nothing on this earth,
So dreadful that you cannot overcome,
Because like everyone else, you've always had confidence,
You just haven't tried to rely upon ever or in a while,
You don't have to be strong,
You don't have to be brave,
You just have to hold on,
To yourself, your friends and to your faith,

Yes, the most important thing of all,
This is what those embracing arms and hearts,
Are reminders of,
Where has it gone?,
The same place where you have placed your confidence,
Away, sometimes you take over the mountain,
On your own, take it from someone who knows,
You get exhausted too fast being "the one-person show",
All the time,

We are all here to prosper and to hold on,
To each other, to confidence and of course, faith,
Our duty is to remind all of us, including ourselves,
Of this fact, it is and never will be impossible,
Just difficult at times, but there will always be the sun,
That light, the better times.
We always get there, but we cannot stay there forever,
This is duty that doesn't always gets through to the ones that need it,
It is painful, no doubt,
But it is also another another duty to pray for those,
Who thought it was too late,
And to that, I will fufill that duty,

He loves you, and he will never stop loving you,
There never was a test given,
That you couldn't handle, you just think that,
Hold on, and always remember,
This battle is not yours, its the Lord's,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 433 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 08:44

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Full of truth and encouragement....just a bit of light we all need at know someone is there with us...guiding us through the again convey so much love and concern for others Brian...a true friend of every heart.