A phrase often given when you're not seen! A dedication to a dear friends loss, and to the family members who are still there!!!

I miss you when you're gone

She slowly opened her eyes,
To see that the other is slowly putting his clothes on,
"Jet plane" is playing painfully in her head,
But what can she do?,
He has to go do what he has to do,
As "Hands to heaven" plays in his head,
Tough as he is, he fight tears away,
From his red and watery eyes,

He quickly puts his luggage in the trunk of the car,
Believing that the faster he goes,
The faster the pain will subside,
"Again" is already playing his head,
But what can he do?,
She has to do what she has to do, too,
She holds him with all her might,
As "When will I see you again" plays through, oh you know,
Honest and real, the tears will flow,
Even when reassurance is said over and over again,
From both their eyes and hearts,

The drums play,
The formation stands tall,
As we see them march away to the planes,
So long must we wait for the return,
We will hear their stories and we exchange ours,
And through all of this,
We try to hide our fears,
Not even "God bless the USA" gives us comfort,

Some hear life, some will hear loss,
But we remember, we believe,
Blended with mixed emotions of reasons,
But they are insignificant to what we really want to feel,
The touch of what makes us whole,
Makes us want to be a better person,
That why we miss you, and we will never stop,
To everyone of you comes home,
And to those we lost, you are in our hearts,
You are home, now,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 454 times
Written on 2006-10-11 at 09:06

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Very skilful description here. I take it you're talking about someone in the army or air force or something... Very very vivid. Good job!

You describe the parting of love and it's reunion with great skill. I too hope that they all come home once again. Tai