Once again, I want to thank you all for your participation in the challenge. Of ourse, this is going to be long, but bear with me!!!

10 Simple Rules

The basic rules are always ten,
I often wonder, out of pressure?,
Out of simplicity?, who knows,
What matters is that has been passed on,
To generation to generation,
And still we rationalize why we break it,
Challenge it and even analyze the origin,

I wrote a few pieces of three of the major rules,
I tried to hit the right points, and hopefully I did,
A great challenge to even attempt,
So I'll give it my best shot,
So let's begin,

Some took a kind of modernize approach on this subject,
But what it is truly, is honesty,
In a somewhat funny kind of manner,
This what came from one writer and dear friend,

Thou shalt not screw around with other shit.
Thou shalt not piss me off.
Thou shalt not say 'God', for Christ's sake.
Thou art almighty. Today is Sunday. Take a break.
Thy parents deserved respect, for some treason.
Thou shalt fire blanks.
Thou shalt not urinate in thine own back yard.
Thou shalt pilfer vomit only.
Thou shalt be an asshole if thou screw'st thy neighbour.
Thou shalt not pray for a love-in. Apparently, 'tis a sin.

This one is based on the first two,
With all these new creation we use and somewhat depend on,
We seem to forget what we were solely based on,
An idea of love for the one true God,
An with this, I thank Kathy for reminding us that,

Idols, supreme
Of gods we worship without
A care.
Oh, why,
Do we dare
To replace the face
Of the Creator
With our own
And flavor?
We do it,
You know,
Because we
The ardor Of a
But, we look for help
In places without gain
All the bowing, kow-towing
Is in vain
For our salvation comes not
In our own doing.
Comes with one
Sincere action...
Repentance is redemption
Given by Grace
When we offer ourselves
Heart to heart
Face to face
to God.

"I will put my laws in thier minds, and in their hearts, I will write them",
This is his word,
And it is explained thoroughly through this piece,
Done magnificently by Keith,

He protects me like he looked over David
He leads me across the barren waste lands to
Rivers of blue and pastures green. I have
Seen him and he is magnificent. He is my
Shepherd, he is my saviour, may I
Dwell in his house forever!

Now, I found this one interesting,
And it's based on a confronting idea,
But it is the faith, not the religion,
That we all seek,
That's what makes the laws work,
But this has struck my interest incredibly,
Thank you, dearest Ylva,

I have no gods before me, beside me or behind
because I think religion enslaves the human kind

As to the image graving, that I have never done
Leave it to Michelangelo! I'll rather carve a bone

They say: honor thy parents. I say: you can't expect
the honor of a child whom you first did not respect

Then there are two commandments about killing and stealing
I steal around at night and hunt. Just luv the rabbit's squealing!

Now this I can state frankly about my sinful life:
I may have coveted my neighbour, but not so much his wife

and less than her his Porsche, his lawn-mower, his grass
and absolutely never I've coveted his ass!

... And though the pious people are frowning at my ilk
I've never ever seethed a kid in its mum's milk

I look upon this piece with a thought,
They say rules are made to be broken,
But how far and long until we return to basics,
And if we do, what justifies our actions,
And the futures,
Good Job on this, Thomas Perdue,

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house,
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife,
Nor his manservant, nor his maidservant,
Nor his ox, nor his ass,
Nor anything that is thy neighbour's".

It is written that we shalt not covet anything.
But what is a thing?
Can a person be a thing?
It is already named: wife, manservant and maidservant.
A wife? A wife is a thing?
Well, perhaps not.
But in addition to things, wives are added.

What about a woman that loves a man
But that is not yet given in marriage?
Is this a forbidded sin?
The vows of marriage art sacred vows
But where these vows do not yet exist,
Is there a sin in coveting?

Oh! It is not the woman that is coveted!
It is her love that is coveted.
Her love which is already given to another.

The vows of marriage art sacred vows.
And these vows are unbreakable.
Once these vows are taken,
One cannot lawfully be with another.
Divorce does not fully free you from these vows.
Marriage is to be intered into with all soberness of mind,
With all seriousness of intention
And with all love of heart!

Soberness of mind,
Seriousness of intention
And love of heart...
Hmm... What am I lacking...
Oh, yeah! A returned love!
But I do have a love
And this feeling is mine own.
I cannot covet what is already mine!
I have this love within my heart,
This love is the most powerful feeling!
It is mine own feeling,
And I cannot covet what is mine own!
But I have not her love
And this do I covet.

At the least I may say
That I approach my sin
With love and with care.

And the one that does possess her love
Is guilty of the same crime that is upon me.
Though he does possess her love,
He has her not as a wife
And does covet her as an object.
Fleshly, lustful desires!
Jealousy overtakes his heart.
No! I truly know not what is on his heart!
I never really knew him well,
But judging him based upon his words to me...
He is not worthy of her love!
She deserves one greater than him!

Love overtakes my heart.

And through this I attempt
To justify mine own sin
Through love...

In my recent entries on the ten,
I hit certain point and ideals,
And I think I and we all, hit on the rules,
How it affected us then and now,
Opinions, point of view,
It makes us think,
It helps us grow, mentally,
The 10 are the guides of what our laws are today,
What is right, what is wrong,
We forget, not lose these ideals,
But with hope, they always comeback,
No matter how hard you try to put them away,
Take it from someone who knows,

The dancer moves without a trace

Poetry by Saga
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Written on 2006-10-11 at 10:43

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