A piece that I start from an idea by KJC. It has now become part rant about recent criticisms and about the friendships of poeple I know and on this page that some choose to question.


close is close contact
close is talking regularly
close is near
close is there
close is proximity
close is face to face, in front of
as in friendship close is physically near (you will differ maybe)

Is that what we all do?,
Here at this moment?,
We're all gonna make each other happy,
With comments and encouragement,
And we're all gonna tick each other off,
Through comments and provoking,

But let's get to the facts,
We all think differently,
And we all supposed to be "civilized",
Criticism is just that, criticism,
And in this web-page,
Made to be constructive,
Things like griping and strife,
Get over it,

You didn't build the web-page,
You got in here,
Just like I did, for free,
And I don't care if they came from Iran,
They gave you an arena for your thoughts,
Where is your respect for them?,

I'm just like you,
And in more cases, more violent,
And yet, I understand,
That you don't piss off the cook at "Happy Hour",
Civilized adults, get over it,

I got some bad news, the editors are not perfect,
They recognize everyone,
That's why you have a web-page filled,
With people all over the world,
Reading and listening and understanding,
Not only each other, but other cultures as well,

We can be bigger than the UN,
Let's not start acting like them,
We show peace and understanding through our words,
Find solutions, enhance ideas and inspire others,
And God willing, might save a life, our own,

I had a dear friend who lost a cousin,
In a place called Iraq,
He was a soldier,
I have a cousin and a good friend,
Who are either there or on their way,
And you don't know how many times,
I went looking for my BDU's,

Friends, we are and always will be,
Because we choose to speak to each other,
And take advice and criticisms,
Not out of hatred,
But for looking out for one another,

Another example,
I have two dear friends calling it quits,
And we, the friends and family are in the middle,
Some have taken sides, which is wrong,
And some like myself, have remain neutral,
I won't risk both to save one,
It's not fair to either,
And this is a dispute between these two people,
To agree to disagree, like civilized adults,
Even if it doesn't seem that way now,
But like all hatred, you get tired and it gets expensive,

Closeness, we can never be any more,
No matter how much you cling,
There will still be distance,
And it must be something appreciated,
And if it gets too hot, step away,
And let the boiling pot simmer,
We need each other more than we possibly know,
In a way,
In a way,

Love is love,
And to us,
This success is our home, our refuge,
Please don't let the success make a failure,
Of our home,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 551 times
Written on 2006-10-12 at 05:03

Tags Closer 

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Nagamuthu Osho
Respected Poet,

Joy and art flows in your wrought.

Very nice, promoting peace with vision of inspiration.

God Bless you,

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

keith nunes
a haven for aspiring poets is whaqt it is and long may it continue with love and compassion for ever!

Love Knight
i really love the inspiration.. it inspires me to all..

thank you dear brian for holding forth the branch of tranquility and peace....your gentle spirit soothes us all

Kathy Lockhart
thank you. I appreciate this so much. You said it well.