A history

I'll dance with you

Long ago,
In the streets of Stuttgart, W. Germany,
There lived a kid from New York City,
It was his senior year,
He had no letter for the sports he tried out,
And he was not happy about that,
Then came two unlikely friends,
One a Serb, One from Bosnia,
They became fast friends,
And it was them who created, "The dancer",

I still remember it as it was yesterday,
Everything I missed,
Came together in one move,
It taught me focus,
It taught me peace,
There were perks and recognition,
In which I receive til this very day,
But the feeling never leaves me,
And it is stronger than fame,
Or any profit people claim that I should receive,

You just don't understand,
It saved me,
Just like marital arts,
It's a system of thought,
You must learn to anticipate,
And flow with change quickly,
You have to able to study a move,
Within a split-second and then,
Perform it, go with it, or suit it,

One day I will go back,
Find the vineyards,
Downtown Stuttgart,
Downtown Ludwigsburg,
They're all memories of my dreams,
A dancer's humble beginnings,
And the beginning of the happy,
Yet sweaty, smile,

Dragan and Vladamir,
You created a part of me,
That will never diminish,
My love for the dance,
That was created long ago,
In a club named "Mirage",
On a school night,
Long ago,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 523 times
Written on 2006-10-12 at 05:51

Tags Dancer 

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keith nunes
full of life and spark brian . cool write!

This poem is so alive as it dances before me.... wonderful!


Kathy Lockhart
Such all encompassing beauty exudes from this marvelous piece.

Love Knight
it really expresses a dancer's dream and soul that he puts into dancing. really caring and loveable..

such a beautiful peek into the dancer's soul and life...i loved reading this part of you and how it made you the man you are today