A simple toy that always needs help to fly!!!


Growing up, everyone had one,
I remember when I got mine,
And the next one,
And the next one,
You see, they always got a rip in them,
Because I was determined to learn how to fly one,
On my own,
And I taught myself how to be mediocre,
At the art, but like all things,
The art faded in memory,
With being a grown-up taking its place,

And then came relationships,
One-sided at best,
Competitive, at its worst,
Once again, learning on my own,
Only this time with experience,
Being a sometimes cruel teacher,
And then after conversation, I remembered,
The kite (s),

They always ripped after trying to help them fly,
But I always had a way to close the hole,
Until it was to patchy to repair,
But it was the mending that held a purpose in me, now,
Poeple fly,
People wish and fear,
Others are broken,
And others need everyone to heal,
That what I feel, when I see you,

I wish I could fly the way we used to,
I would love to see you soar,
But as even as grounded as we are,
Lovely, yet you still are,
As for me, I take brave steps everyday,
The holes can hardly be seen in my wings,
I guess I try because I miss the feeling,
To bring inspiration, to myself,
To each other, because I know now,
That kites can't fly on thier own,
And neither can we,
Without being hand in hand,
Taking brave steps,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 391 times
Written on 2006-10-14 at 05:54

Tags Kite 

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I love the comparrisons a most enjoyable and interesting poem.

a beautiful analogy of what it takes to fly....lack of fear, and practice,practice, practice...and it always helps to have a great teacher to encourage you and make you believe again that you can fly!
very nice brian

Kathy Lockhart
This is a wonderful analogy between kites and relationships. You took me on a flight of memories and wisdom. Thank you