This text was written to dispel a mood not any statement of intent. The Hero isnt  going any where.

Bring In the Riderless Horse by M.A.Meddings

Sweep up the dead leaf memories
leave not a trace of my love 
Then in cold  bold reality
Shoot the romantic jester
And bring in the riderless horse


Dont  sing  any stupid love songs
precursors of all the lost causes  
Then put away the poets pen
It is just not so needed any more 
Then bring in the riderless horse  





Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 432 times
Written on 2006-10-15 at 07:00

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I know how those moments are, hero. When we feel only darkness around. This poem hits the depth of my heart!
(And I am so relieved to know that the sadness has been dispelled now!)

Kathy Lockhart
That image of the riderless horse, the meaning behind it, is just too sad to think about. I hope that this is only an expression of mood not an intent on your part to stop posting your poetry. It is needed here and it is wanted by many. I look for your posts whenever I log in. Please put the hero back on that horse and let him ride. xx kathy