The Tale of the Brave. Part 1.

Let me tell you a tale.
It wont take to long.
Of a true king to hail.
The tale of the strong.

A kingdom far away.
Its here we will start.
And here we will stay.
A kingdom pure of heart.

The King was in need.
The darkness was near..
Like a murderous weed.
Its intentions all to clear.

So he called out to all.
Both mages and knight.
But one by one they fall.
As they battled the night.

The story draws to and end.
And in death you could think.
But do not worry my friend.
It could all change in a blink.

But it looks grim my liege.
The soldiers would shout.
The castle was under siege.
And noone got in or out.

But still there was one.
Not hero nor rich.
Noone noticed her gone.
This little girl witch.

She had left the big hall..
And made it her escape.
By climbing the wall.
And taking part of fate.

But here I will rest.
My mind needs time.
To remember the rest.
And put it into rhyme.

For this time its the end.
The rest will be done.
So do come back again.
But for now I am gone.

Poetry by Lord DarkRaven
Read 781 times
Written on 2005-09-28 at 21:31

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I liked it a lot. Well built, and of course, I am a fan of fantasy--so I chose to read it because of the title-and really enjoyed it.

John Ashleigh
Well written and the stanzas were smartly built. The lines stayed at the same beats. NO more or less. I liked it alot and can't wait till you write the second.