The Tale of the Brave. Part 2.

As promised I am here.
So give me some time.
Go find the comfy chair.
Its the story of rhyme.

Last we left our hero.
The witch girl had fled.
Survival chances of zero.
As I think I have said.

But lets get it on now.
Or I would be unjust.
It is after all a heroes show.
And in me she put her trust.

We find our hero witch girl.
On a field smelling of flower.
Her thoughts start to swirl.
Now at the end of her power.

But the gods was fair.
As she fell to the ground..
A peasent found her here.
Told the others what he'd found.

As she returned from her sleep.
The peasents saw her sad.
She spoke of evil oh so deep.
What help could be had?

But lets leave this part.
Just for a moment of course.
Here the second part start.
And the witch girl was the source.

In the Kingdom they still fought.
They were still hanging on.
Of the girl noone thought.
But soon they would be gone.

It might sound harch to hear.
But listen dear friends.
It had lasted longer than a year.
And sadly everything ends.

But rumors started to spread.
As we return to the witch anew.
That had foiled the foes and fled.
Gathering help for a rescue.

And here again I come to a end.
Its to late for a tale dont you think?.
But I shall continue with it again.
If you really dont think it stink.

Poetry by Lord DarkRaven
Read 833 times
Written on 2005-09-29 at 02:50

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John Ashleigh
I don't feel this is as good as your first, but deffinetly giving some more of the story away. Making another.....I'd like to read it soon. :)