The scenes and events that went on the past two days!!!!

Do what you have to do

Sunday night.
I saw her in despair,
I knew it was gonna be risky,
But it had to be done,
She was running on fumes,
I gave up an off-day,
So a hard-worker can rest,
She had my back when I ran my store,
And we held each other up,
When both of relatives passed away,
So in a situation,
When there is no such thing as retribution,
Even if its given,
We acknowledge the purpose and the reason,
And we do what we have to do,

I've been the sweet boss, then,
I'm the tough boss, now,
In a rush to make it,
In a rush to confirm it,
Because of the path of,
Not letting your indecision,
Be your decision,
The agreements have been set,
For a endurance trial,
That will once try out my durablity,
Why do I do it,
Because of choice, purpose and reason,
Yes, I missed you,
But I had to do what I had to do,

Tuesday Morn.
It's been a long time since 3:30 A.M.,
Was the wake-up call,
But with a stop a station for O.J., not Simpson,
And as Dolly said before,
"A cup of ambition",
I started your morning, with no-stops,
I did what I had to do,

Pride must be cast aside,
After all we forget that pride is a sin in itself,
A true enemy of humility,
Now, bear in mind, it doesn't hurt to be proud,
But we are humans,
And the one thing we love to ignore,
Is the difference between moderation and abuse,
And that where this rant is going,
We abuse pride so much,
That we tend to forget what is important,
To help your neighbor, humility,
You're never too good, snobbish,
And never too important, cell-phone,
To take a blow for the team,
Put something on the line to find no retribution,
But only see the task done,
Do what you have to at all times,
Because we fall on either sides of the fences,
All the time,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 417 times
Written on 2006-10-18 at 05:53

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Yes do what you have to do

doing what we have to do is so much apart of life isnt it? a wonderful poem from the dancer's true heart!