to ylva's challenge. Please don't eat before you read this!!!!

My bloody mary

There will be no ryhmes for you tonight,
Bloody Mary,
I come to lie with you tonight,
With all of your desires,
And your overwhelming fetish,

Why we do this at night, I know,
It satisfies your mating call,
And yet, I am beyond,
Beyond the idea of,
"Always do something weird once",
Now I'm just hooked,

We embrace ourselves in a bloodbath,
Like animals we claw upon each other,
Fufilling our lust, there was no place for love,
And still the blood drips,
As our ritual becomes more as a "thing",
It has become "a way of",

Every now and then,
I see a spot of blood on my body,
I still can't seem to wash off all of this,
I am left to ask,
When and how can we normal?,
Rain is so much sweeter,
More pure like love,

But it is lust not love,
That we do,
Maybe blood is the best blanket,
For the scratches, the intercourse,
Oh Bloody Mary,
We need not be so contrary,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 412 times
Written on 2006-10-19 at 07:00

Tags Bloody 

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wow different alright...ylva will love this one for sure.


Kathy Lockhart
Zowie! GRRRRoooowl! You animal! I like this side of you. Dance prince dance. ; )