this was written about a man that lives in my town who killed his wife and that was kinda a shock to this VERY SMALL community so i wrote about it.

Murderer You Are

I see the knife,
In your hand.
And there below you,
In the sand,
Is a taken life.
And u I blame,
Your the one,
so contempt.
Look what you have done,
You deserve nothing but shame,
For you have no heart,
You don't care,
What life you have taken,
A life worth the share.
Now another must start,
And u must sit,
Were you belong,
In jail,
For a time so long,
You piece of shit.

--Shelbie Clinton
August 13, 2006

Poetry by Shelbie
Read 672 times
Written on 2006-10-19 at 21:51

Tags Murderer 

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what a wonderful poem!!! i loved it!!!

Brooke Michelle
i love you poem itz awsome!! love it!

love, me!