to my dad.

Your Promise

Remember when I was 3
and you said with you I will forever be
Remember when I was 7
and you said mommy went to heaven
Remember when I was 8
and I asked can we save her or is it to late
Remember when I was 10
and I became an orphan
I remember when I was 5
and you said together forever we will live
then mommy left me
and you said sweet-heart dont you see
shes where she always wanted to be
I remember when I was 10
I thought I must had sinned
I seen you in the car you were pinned
I leaned over and you said
sweet-heart its okay to let go
but I said no
I grabbed your hand and you whispered
we will always be together
Now I sit here today
and all I can think is why didnt I say
Daddy I love you.
All I can think is that
its my fault your life past.
I only have one wish, one request
I wish I could see you one last time before I rest
I know you and mommy are together
just like you always said, together with our father.
I will patiently await my day
On that day I will say
I love you Mom! I love you Dad!
and together we can be
just like you promised daddy.

Poetry by Shelbie
Read 801 times
Written on 2006-12-24 at 06:59

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wow!...great poem!!!! im sorry for what ur goin/went through! ya sis!....take care!!!!

Zoya Zaidi
This is a most poignant write, dear Selbie, I have tears in my eyes for you!
Don't worry, when you go to bed tonight, think of them and they will visit you in your dreams, they will be your Christmas Gift for you on this Christmas Eve!
And they are looking down at you from Heaven, and they want you to be happy! To live life, fully, bravely, and never forget, that they are looking down on you and want you to do well in life and be happy!
So, be happy! For that is what your Mom and Dad want you to be!
((( hugs))
May your wishes come true, tonight and always in Life!
Merry Christmas dear Selbie!
Love, Zoya

chris helus
wow i really like this one.... it really makes u think about what your going to do when someone you love dies and you cant bring it back and you cant tell them how you feel.... this one is great