This was written because I remember when I was saved. And how at frist I was afraid, and didn't want to. I remembered how my dear friend was so paitent and just as he was leaving for work. i cried out I'm ready. I added detail to it. As you may notice t

Was this a test of God?

It was a cold day
I recall an old man
an elderly man he was
sitting there all alone
on the park bench
shivering in the cold.
I seen tears
rolling down his cheeks
it was then
I felt a strange yet comforting warmness
as I stood I heard someone speak to me
yet no one was around.
I walked over to the elderly man
I handed him my blanket
and sat next to him on the bench
we had an engaging conversation.
I learned that he fought in World War II,
I learned that he recently lost his wife,
to a fight of cancer,
I learned that he hadn't found God in his life.
I pulled out my bible,
we read together verses from the bible,
I asked him if he would like to welcome Jesus
into his life.
He looked at me with eyes filled with questions
and slowly shook his head no.
So I sat there and talked with him a little more.
As I stood up to walk away
he stood and said
I'm ready.
I stopped and turned
walked back to him
and he said I need Jesus.
He said I know Jesus is the son of God
I know Jesus died on the cross for us
I know we are not perfect,
but in God's eyes we are made perfect.
As he dropped to the ground
head falling to his hands
tears flowing heavily from his eyes.
We shared a prayer.
And as I walked away
I felt the warmness again
I heard somone speak to me
I looked up to the sky and said
That night I sat at home
watching the news
An elderly man was found today
in the park. Warped in a blanket,
on the ground.
The reporters said he died in his sleep
As a picture flashed across the screen
I seen that it was the man
it was the man I talked to in the park.
My mind began to wonder
I thought about
the things we talked about
then I thought about
the welcoming of Jesus into his life
and I relized
He is happier.
He is with our savior.
then I wondered
Was this a test of God?

Poetry by Shelbie
Read 1042 times
Written on 2006-11-29 at 17:10

Tags God 

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Karen Canning
this is a very moving piece, your faith shines through and the ending is so powerful but lets the reader answer for him/herself

I too look for 11.11 and things like that didnt even notice I posted my last piece at that time, thank you for your comments


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WOW!!! wonderfully writtin!!! loved it! *bookmarked!* keep up the wonderful work!!! :D

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Ariel Bennett
OMG I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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