I had some rumors spread at school that caused my boyfriend to break up with me and no matter how many times I tried to disprove everything said he would not believe me so he left me and I was so heart broken I wrote about it


I sit in the cold
While you believe everything your told
You lost all faith, and to me you cannot hold
I tell you they are wrong
And all you say is, so long
Even though I know together is were we belong
By all the rumors I was amused
But they left you confused
To believe them is what you chose
On that note you left me on the ground
Now all I want is to hear the sound
Of your voice, new and found
For rumors are spoken by the jealous
that's their way of telling us
And now what they said has you running from me
I wish you could see
They are all just lies, it just won't be
You have fallen for the traps
As sticky as sap
And you are gone now
I sit in sorrow
Longing to be six feet below
Without you I cannot live

-Shelbie Clinton
August 22, 2006

Poetry by Shelbie
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Written on 2006-10-19 at 23:24

Tags Rumors 

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great poem! keep the great work up!!