It's your move!!!

Jogging in place

Morning breaks,
You stretch,
You jog in place,
What happens?,
People go to work,
Or people dream of going,
Kids go to school,
Or hang out at school,

Cars move and stand still,
Among all the other cars,
But time, yes time,
Is always on the move,
It's job, to depict life,
Its accomplishments its failures,
But it hates to die, be wasted,
Its the truest form of action,
Like a heartbeat,
If it stops, everything else does,

Action is a combustion,
Of thinking and doing,
Like a kid revving up a toy car,
Like a person reaching their boiling point,
And yet, we keep it to ourselves,
Deep inside, like making bombs,
Some do it to control temper,
Some save it for a better time,
And some just haven't learn to do with it,
But like all things,
We are surrounded by options,
And the outcome,
All we can do is pray on it,

You can actually hear the steps,
Of options knocking on the door,
But we don't answer, why?,
We have been lied to, we remember,
We have been robbed, we remember,
And we have been annoyed, lest we forgot,
But there is line between risk and no risk,
And as age accumulates,
The thinner the line becomes,
And puts us in a position,
We most fear,
Being vulnerable,

Step by step,
The heart beats faster,
The water continues to boil,
And yet that is the only action,
Without any form of reaction,
And that is what should scare you the most,
Not the person who tells you too much,
But maybe, just maybe,
The ones who is always,
Jogging in place,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 412 times
Written on 2006-10-22 at 08:23

Tags Jog 

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Kathy Lockhart
I shall choose to get off the tread mill, stop the jogging in place on the trampoline and exercise my options. I love the way your mind works.

i think i jog in place most days brian...nice take on not moving forward.

i think i jog in place most days brian...nice take on not moving forward.